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“Nature Holds The Key”

Today, we are living longer than ever, but are we living better than ever? The truth is we are living with more disease than at any other time recorded in human history. Today, there are cancers that did not exist 100 years ago. Today, heart disease is affecting more people than ever. Today, more people than ever are using nursing homes, assisted care, hospice facilities and in home nursing care. We have succeeded in increasing our life spans, but we have failed in improving or even maintaining our quality of living.

Most of us do not envision spending our retirement years living on a respirator. We all want to live healthy, active and independent lives, so we can have the ability to enjoy our time with our loved ones. But these wishes cannot become reality unless we learn to recognize how toxicity negatively affects our bodies. If we do not learn to recognize these negative affects, our quality of life will continue to diminish as we move closer to our golden years.

We must understand that the world is in an extremely overpopulated state and the demand on our food, water and air supplies is increasing while the supply is being exhausted.

Today, the food we eat is over processed and has negligible nutritional values compared to the nutritional value years ago. Also, food contains record amounts of chemicals, excessive unnatural fats and sugars that the body cannot process properly.

The famous adage, “You are what you eat” has never been more important than today. Food used to be fresher, untainted and more natural. Not so long ago, the local milkman delivered milk early every morning because the milk was fresh and unprocessed; therefore, its shelf life was very short. Today, our milk is sterilized, hormone filled, irradiated, pasteurized and homogenized in order to meet production requirements. Also, years ago, most families would eat well rounded meals that were freshly prepared and cooked. Now, with hectic lifestyles, the processed packaged foods we consume are bursting with hormones, artificial preservatives and chemical food additives. “They say” these accumulations are safe in small quantities, but in time these small quantities can build up and become toxic, leaving our bodies with the challenge of fighting off foreign, man-made additives in our food. Over time, the accumulation of these toxins is over-burdening the body’s natural defenses. This accumulation of toxins can cause the development of illness. Many people attribute this to the aging process, and do not consider the accumulation of toxins ingested from processed foods, pesticides, hormones and artificial chemicals.

Today, food grown from our land has a level of toxicity because of artificial chemicals and fertilizers. Due to the extreme demand for food, our soil is being exhausted and under rotated, which has led to a depletion of important nutrients essential for healthy living. Many years ago, cow manure was used to fertilize our nutrient laden land, and goats were used to eat weeds in the fields. The use of chemical fertilizer additives and toxic pesticides were not needed. Also, years ago, cattle, pigs and chickens ate natural foods and roamed freely, living without stress, and they grew normal prior to being farmed for consumption. Today, because of high demands on the food supply and competitive industries, these animals are held in extremely small cages to prevent any activity, exercise or movement. These animals eliminate waste in the same area they eat. Instead of their traditional grass or grain diet, they become more obese and eat unnatural foods that contain little or no nutrients. They are also injected with growth hormones to produce fast growth in limited time and exposed to antibiotics due to the confinement and stressful conditions. Due to this stressful environment, large amounts of harmful cortisol hormones are produced by the animal, which we can also later consume.

In addition to our contaminated food supply, over the years, our water supply to some extent has been contaminated. Many people have changed their drinking habits from tap water to bottled. The record sales of spring water, water filters, and purifiers in this country have increased dramatically. Our local water contains chemicals such as chlorine and fluoride. Also, it has also been reported that we consume mercury and chemical by-products from industrial plants that seep and run off into our rivers and lakes.

The problem is not just limited to the food we eat, the water we drink or even the poor quality of the air we breathe. Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, is a permeable organ, which absorbs impurities from the water every time you take a shower. The exposure to toxins and chemicals from all around us is never ending. Even with the purist diet, eating all organic foods, there is still little chance of escaping the constant and unnatural daily bombardment of toxins. Clearly, we are dying from disease because of an over abundance of chemicals we ingest from our food, water and other sources that require processing and sanitizing.


Today in the health food industry it is widely excepted that vibrant health and energy begins with properly balancing the body’s pH levels. It is critically important to understand how health and disease can be determined by the degree of alkalinity or acidity in the body’s tissue and fluids. The more toxcity we put into our body the more acidicd it becomes which places our system out of pH balance.  This can create an envoriment for sickness and disease.

In order to reduce the toxicity in our body which can reduce acidity, a few simple lifestyle changes need to be implemented. First, consume as little processed foods as possible. Always read labels. The longer the ingredient list the less natural the product. Avoid foods with chemical additives, pesticides, hormones, hydrogenated oil and any form of processed foods. Second, start eating organic meats, fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Organic foods are far more nutritious and free of toxic pesticides and hormones. Today organic food markets are virtually in every city and your health is worth the slight extra cost.

Third, always avoid fast foods, which may be the hardest thing to do since most of us lead hectic lifestyles. “A young man will sacrifice his health to gain wealth, an old man will spend all his wealth to regain his health.” Give that statement some thought before you rush off to work tomorrow and stop for a quick fast food meal.

Furthermore, to alkalize the body, it is imperative to be positive and prevent negative thoughts from creating stress. This negative stress will cause the body to turn acidic. Stress unfortunately is the domestic terrorist from within ourselves and must be minimized. After incorporating these simple lifestyle changes into your daily routine the last item needed to bring it all together and maximize your good health potential is supplementing your diet with the “THE MAGIC PILL®.”

Finally, after over a decade of research and development, “THE MAGIC PILL®” has arrived. “THE MAGIC PILL®” is the most powerful nutrient dense detoxifying product that has ever been developed. We now have a defense to combat the everyday battle against free radicals, immune system deficiencies and to help prevent disease, toxin build up and malnutrition. The organic and natural nutrients in “THE MAGIC PILL®” were designed to give the body the ability to detoxify itself and eliminate the unnatural chemicals built up in our systems. With regular use of “THE MAGIC PILL®” beneficial bacteria are increased, bad bacteria are eliminated and free radicals are destroyed. Organs are strengthened and the immune system is dramatically increased to deliver a fatal blow to disease. Our bodies are also introduced to nutrients that could not be found presently in the correct quantities needed due to the depletion of minerals in our food supply. This allows our bodies to thrive, recover and regain good health. When our bodies are free of toxins, the body becomes balanced.

A balanced body that is supplied with the right nutrients has the amazing ability to heal, strengthen and prevent disease so we can enjoy a long, vigorous healthy lifestyle.

On going clinical studies are showing that people who have taken “THE MAGIC PILL®” have noticed benefits that include:

• strengthened immune systems.
• elevated moods and emotional balance
• increased energy, strength and sexual desire
• improved sleep patterns
• general productivity
• better circulation
• improved memory

Also, with regular use of “THE MAGIC PILL®” you may experience the following benefits:

• decreased free radical damage and increased longevity
• detoxification of organs and balanced body PH
• increased immunity from illness
• improved insulin sensitivity
• normalized blood pressure
• improved cholesterol levels
• enhanced healing and decreased pain

Athletes may think they do not need a product like “THE MAGIC PILL®.” However, the fewer toxins in athletes’ bodies the higher level of performance they will notice. By seriously detoxifying the body, athletes will be able to recuperate at a much higher rate. This rapid recuperation will be seen in the form of more strength, muscle size, flexibility and a faster recovery from injuries.


Unlike many other nutritional supplements, “THE MAGIC PILL®” is formulated with a very specific ratio of nutrients that work synergistically with the body, so that the body may absorb the nutrients more effectively.

Today, there are countless nutritional products on the market. There are an overwhelming abundance of vitamins, herbs, super greens and detoxifying combinations. The average consumer is confused as to which supplements to purchase. The manufacturers of these products do little to simplify the choice. They try to surpass each other by adding more of the trendiest herbs or vitamins.

These manufacturers do not place much thought on how these nutrients complement each other. More of this and less of that does not make one product better then another unless the product is formulated in a precise form where the body can utilize the nutrients properly. This problem of inadequate nutritional supplements led the scientists who formulated “THE MAGIC PILL®” to create this product. “THE MAGIC PILL®” is the most unique nutritional product on the market. The formulation uses very specific nutrients in exact ratios that work synergistically, so your body can absorb the nutrients effectively. “THE MAGIC PILL®”  takes the guesswork out of what nutritional product you need. Using “THE MAGIC PILL®” saves money by replacing the need for a closet full of supplements and herbs. If you were to take any single nutritional product on the market today, you cannot make a better choice than using “THE MAGIC PILL®” This product took years of
research and development to perfect, and with daily use, we are sure you will agree it is a product that has no equal.

“THE MAGIC PILL®” will heavy-handedly deal with toxins produced from the environment, food, drugs, water, etc., but not your mind. In order for “THE MAGIC PILL®” to create its absolute most positive effects, please understand your thoughts can even make you sick. “THE MAGIC PILL®” can make you feel healthier and more energized, but you and only you can change your life and bring tranquility back into your thoughts.

You need to take charge of your life and your health before sickness destroys your happiness. Please get yourself educated on this matter. Read everything that you can on toxins and how to avoid them and supplement your diet with “THE MAGIC PILL®”








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