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THE MAGIC PILL INC was established in 2004 by one of the original founders of Physical Addictions Inc. The concept of the formulation of a MAGIC PILL dates back to the late 1990′s. The term “there is no magic pill” inspired the founder of the company to develop a product worthy of the name. After years of research, a formulation was developed and made available to the public. On July 19, 2005 the United States Patent and Trademark Office finally issued trademark registration SN 78-262,598 to the mark THE MAGIC PILL. The slogan for THE MAGIC PILL “Nature Holds the Key” was also given a registered trademark SN 78-611,561. Physical Addictions Inc has since been authorized to be a Master Distributor for THE MAGIC PILL and all of it soon to be released complete line of nutritional products.

Physical Addictions is a health and sports nutrition company founded in 1989.

Since 1989 we have been the LEADER in mail-order sports nutrition with thousands of satisfied customers. Our offices are located in sunny, Indialantic Florida.

Our Mission

OUR MISSION AND GOAL at Physical Addictions is and has always been to provide the highest level of service to our customers at fair, competitive prices. We have been able to accomplish this by listening to our customer’s requests and responding to them in a timely and efficient manner.

We are now taking our company to the next level by offering even more choices and services than ever before. By utilizing the latest technology we have made it easier and more convenient to order from us. If you order over the internet, you’ll love our new website. If you prefer a more personal touch, just call. We will do our best to give you great service and valuable advice from our years of experience in sports nutrition.

We supply the finest quality 100% natural nutritional supplements and vitamins to insure your optimum results in reaching your highest goals. We stock thousands of products from dozens of national brand manufacturers.

At Physical Addictions, we pride ourselves at being more helpful than our competition while providing the fastest service at the fairest price. Please give us a try, or if you have already, Thank you very much for the opportunity to serve you.

Yours in Health,

Physical Addictions

Magic Pill